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A01 - Artificial Intelligence That Empowers Hear June CEO and co-founder Matt Van Horn share the story of the June Oven. Using AI and machine learning, the oven not only helps busy professionals become confident in their cooking skills, it helps people with disabilities cook for themselves, and helps people retain their independence. Breakout Session Matt Van Horn
A02 - Rooftop Landings for Safe Urban Drone Operations Once autonomous unmanned and manned aircraft can safely share the low-altitude skies, we will unlock the future of urban air mobility. But this possibility poses a variety of new challenges. For example, how do autonomous drones get out of the way in an emergency? This session will outline research on rooftops as a nearby landing option for small unmanned aircraft systems. Breakout Session Jeremy Castagno Ella Atkins
A03-L - Follow the Money: What We Can Learn from Venture Capital Investment in Automation Venture capital firms are making big investments in the future of automation. Where they are putting their money is lending insight into the big trends that are expected to drive automation: mobility, artificial intelligence, drones, smart gripping, and machine vision — along with a few surprises. Leadership Session Jeff Burnstein
A04 - Using Maching Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Make the Smart Home Smarter Learn how Amazon applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to make the smart home easier to use, more responsive to individual customer habits, and more secure. Breakout Session Evan Welbourne
A05 - Understanding Customer Intent and Personalizing Shopping Experiences at Scale How do you understand millions of customers intents and help them choose the right product from hundreds of millions of items in real time? Learn how to solve this challenge by leveraging various machine-learning techniques including collaborative filtering, natural language processing, and probabilistic models to delight your customers and deliver long-term value to your business. You will also learn how Amazon’s Buy it Again system models temporal dynamics in shopper behaviors to find the perfect timing for recommendations. Breakout Session Soo-Min Pantel Mahae Koh
A06 - Acoustic Event Detection with Alexa Guard Voice services like Alexa can use automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding to perform tasks on behalf of customers. What if Alexa understood more than just speech? This session will feature a case study of Alexa Guard, showcasing how AI can extend beyond speech to understand other sounds. Breakout Session Chao Wang Elly Chen
A07 - Speech Emotion Detection Using only speech samples, machine learning can detect emotions in a speaker's voice. This session will outline modeling challenges including label uncertainty and robustness to non-emotional latent factors, and present an adversarial auto-encoder learning approach that can be applied to a wide range of models. Breakout Session Chao Wang Viktor Rozgic
A08 - A Faster Path to Smart Device Development with No Cloud Required The Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) provides a quick and easy path for device makers to connect devices to Alexa at a hardware level without building cloud services or complex networking and security firmware. Learn about ACK and the technical details of how one of the first devices to use ACK was prototyped in just a few weeks. Breakout Session Rolando Cavazos Ben McInnis
A09 - From Turkeys to Movie Tickets: Increase Customer Reach, Self-service and Commerce with Amazon Alexa How do some of the biggest consumer brands take advantage of voice services to grow engagement and market share? Amazon Alexa has paved new ways to connect brands to customers in the home as well as on the go using conversational AI. Brands can use Alexa skills to increase engagement, enable self-service, and even sell content and goods, but the best approach or practical steps may not be clear for your business. You will learn how Mobiquity helped two leading brands, Butterball and Atom Tickets, tackle this challenge. Breakout Session JONATHAN PATRIZIO
A10 - Build Next-Generation Voice Enabled Devices with Alexa Are you a device maker looking to add ambient computing interfaces to your next big idea? Come get a sneak peek into the future of the Alexa Voice Service, bringing conversational AI to your unique device category. Machine learning algorithms will make your product smarter every day, and your customers will love an interface that is invisible, yet available anywhere. See live demos, hear customer success stories, and learn how to accelerate your path to market. Be the first company to add voice in your device category! Breakout Session Gagan Luthra Priya Abani
A11 - When SpongeBob Met Alexa Viacom and Xandra are collaborating to push the limits of voice design with a focus on exceptional user experience. Nickelodeon's SpongeBob Challenge is one of the highest rated Alexa skills for kids. Learn how to build delight and fun into an Alexa skill through conversation design, rich soundscapes, advanced game mechanics, and analytics. Breakout Session Zach Johnson Tim Adams
A13 - How Alexa Entity Resolution Provides Customers a Better Experience Alexa entity resolution leverages natural language interpretation and knowledge-graph techniques to better understand subqueries embedded within customer requests. For example, "Alexa, play the Rocky theme song" gets translated to "Alexa, play Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti, which then gets resolved in various provider catalogs. Learn how to leverage this out-of-the-box functionality to provide a better customer experience. Breakout Session Jeff Blankenburg Yue Liu Avnish Sikka
A14 - Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Understanding, Robots, and the Smart Home Consumers are increasingly expecting connected products in their home to deliver easy-to-use and personalized experiences tailored to their home and activity. To deliver such a personalized experience, the smart home needs to intelligently coordinate diverse connected devices located throughout the home. This talk will focus on how robots operating in homes today are ideally positioned to enable this intelligence by providing a constantly updated understanding of the physical layout of the home and the locations of each connected device within the space. Breakout Session Chris Jones
A16 - Futuring the Farm to Improve Crop Health One third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted before it is consumed, according the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This equals a loss of $750 billion annually. With AWS IoT, Bayer Crop Science can prevent process loss in real time and use real-time data collection and analysis for its global seed business, collecting an average of one million traits per day during planting or harvest season. Breakout Session Peri Subrahmanya Mark Relph Craig Williams
A17 - Confessions of a CEO: Why I Became a Believer in Robots and Automation In 1998, Marlin Steel Wire Products made baskets for bagels selling for $12 apiece, but was faced with imported baskets selling for less than the cost of steel and the rise of the Atkins Diet. Today, the firm makes precision-engineered wire containers for the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries that can sell for more than $10,000. Hear from CEO Drew Greenblatt, who invested in robotics and automation and transformed the company he and his father bought for $600,000 in 1998, turning it into one with more than $6 million in annual revenue. Breakout Session Drew Greenblatt Drew Greenblatt
A18-L - The Future of Self-Driving Technology Aurora is improving self-driving technology with the Aurora Driver, the computer system that powers and coordinates signals from its perception system to control vehicles of different makes, models and classes. Hear from Aurora  to better understand the role of AI in self-driving technology and the longstanding impacts of self-driving cars for our future. Leadership Session Asta Li
A19-L - Unlocking the Creativity of Humans ABB Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret believes robots can automate jobs that fit one of the 3 D's – dirty, dangerous, or dull – allowing people to focus on more creative, highly skilled tasks. In this session, he will discuss the future of job automation with robotics and the positive impacts this will have on our society and careers. Leadership Session Guido Jouret
A21 - Tracking Climate Change from the Sky Satellite imagery and data crunching can help us monitor indicators of climate change and find smarter solutions. Learn how Descartes Labs is using the combination to track nitrogen dioxide emissions and the emergence of wildfires in real time, allowing humankind to understand our impact on Earth in new ways. Breakout Session Mark Johnson
A22 - A Hype-free and Cutting-edge Discussion on Autonomous Driving How close are we to fully autonomous vehicles? What would happen if we put the current technology on the road today? What are the problems that still need to be solved? This session will cover the latest advances in self-driving cars without the marketing, providing a true picture of how far we are from never touching a steering wheel again. Breakout Session Matthew Johnson-Roberson
A23 - Why 'Alexa Conversations' Matters to Customers and Developers An evolved conversational AI for Alexa brings a wave of new voice experiences that weren’t possible before. This session outlines opportunities for companies to reach new audiences and delight customers through unprecedented new experiences. Breakout Session Eric Posen Miles Skorpen Zoubin Ghahramani Sanju Pancholi
A24 - The Future of Conversational Interaction What technologies have come together to support conversational interaction today? What will voice-first experiences sound like in 2022? Voice services like Alexa have opened a new channel to deliver greater customer value every day, and the technology continues to evolve. In this session, we'll review the advances in core technology, and look ahead to the future when we'll approach the full potential of voice as an interface. Breakout Session Stephen Potter
A25 - Artificial Intelligence in Space: Change Detection with Radar Satellite Data ICEYE revolutionized the application of conventional radar satellite imaging, significantly bringing down the cost of launching small radar satellite missions. Learn how ICEYE has enabled broader use cases including using the technology to track pirates on the open seas. Breakout Session Pekka Laurila
A26-L - The Artificial Intelligence–Powered Pivot to the Future AI and automation are fueling a new norm of digital disruption and breeding new forms of competition. To stay ahead, businesses must continuously innovate with speed and agility like never before. Yet, the majority of companies are challenged in embracing new AI-fueled business opportunities and calibrating their investments in innovation. Learn the secrets of “Rotation Masters” and how they are using AI to do things differently and drive double-digit growth. Leadership Session John Matchette
A27 - Improving Traffic Flow Using Autonomous Vehicles Recent research at the University of California Berkeley shows that self-driving vehicles can be engineered to improve traffic flow, if equipped with the proper algorithms. In this session, learn about new approaches based on deep reinforcement learning that turn automated vehicles into mobile traffic controllers to make traffic flow smoothly. Discover working examples from the new open-source computational platform called FLOW, which integrates state-of-the-art microsimulation tools with deep-RL libraries on Amazon EC2. Breakout Session Alexandre Bayen
A28 - Moving Forward Safely: Amazon’s Approach to Drone Delivery In his breakout session, Gur Kimchi, Vice President of Amazon Prime Air, will reveal new information about Amazon’s drone delivery service, Prime Air. He will dive deep into his team’s efforts to engineer both a unique aircraft for a unique mission, and an autonomy system that makes the aircraft independently safe. Gur will also highlight the steps Amazon is taking to safely integrate the Prime Air drone fleet into the airspace, around the world. Breakout Session Gur Kimchi
A29 - Sooner Than You Think: Neural Interfaces are Finally Here During the past decade, significant advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have expanded how we communicate and interact with the world. There are more screens and devices in our lives, but our ability to control these devices hasn’t kept pace. While controversial projects involving invasive brain-machine interfaces have been grabbing headlines, this technology is still decades away from exiting the lab and changing how we interact with the digital world for the better. Patrick Kaifosh outlines a future where we’ll be looking up at the world instead of down at our phones. With the launch of the CTRL-labs developer kit (CTRL-kit), noninvasive neural interfaces are finally here, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Breakout Session Patrick Kaifosh
GEN1 - Welcome Reception We look forward to welcoming you to the event at the opening reception, which will take place in the Tech Showcase. This is a great opportunity to meet other attendees and familiarize yourself with what exhibits you may want to revisit later in the week. General Activity
GEN2 - Networking Reception Take a moment to connect with fellow attendees and debrief on the first full day of content. Refreshments and snacks will be served. General Activity
GEN3 - re:MARS Party The re:MARS Party will take place Thursday night at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and will offer a variety of activities to enjoy such as taking a ride in a pace car at speeds of up to 120MPH, competing in the Segway MARS Expedition, listening and dancing to music played by Nite Wave, an 80’s cover band, watching demos by the Furrion Exo-Bionics Mech, a 15’ tall, 8,000 pound exoskeleton, or most importantly participating in the evening’s main event: The re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge. This is an in-person competition of Discovery Channels hit show BattleBots and will consist of five matches and one Grand Finale match at the end of the night. Prizes will be given out to those that participate in the voting so be sure and join us and vote for your favorite robot to win. Buses to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be leaving from the Aria Lobby starting at 7:15 PM. Please note, conference badges and lanyards are required to board the bus, and bags cannot exceed 4.5” by 6.5”. Return transportation from the Speedway will also be provided from the same location you are dropped off. Return transportation to the Aria will be provided to all attendees. General Activity
KEY1 - Opening Remarks & Innovation Spotlights Opening Remarks by Dave Limp, SVP, Amazon Devices and Services. Keynote to include innovation Spotlights talks by: 1) Marc Raibert, CEO, Boston Dynamics, 2) Morgan Pope, Associate Research Scientist, Walt Disney Imagineering, 3) Tony Dohi, Principal R&D Imagineer, Walt Disney Imagineering, and 4) Special Celebrity talk by: Robert Downey Jr., Producer and Actor Keynote
KEY2 - Wednesday Keynote & Innovation Spotlights Amazon keynote led by Jeff Wilke, CEO of Worldwide Consumer. Keynote to include Innovation Spotlight talks by: 1) Tom Soderstrom, IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2) Daphne Koller, CEO and Founder, insitro & Rajeev Motwani Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, 3) Kate Darling, Researcher, MIT Media Lab, and 4) Colin Angle, Chairman, CEO and Founder, iRobot. Keynote
KEY3 - Thursday Keynote & Innovation Spotlights Amazon Web Services keynote led by Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of Keynote to include Innovation Spotlights talk by: 1) Andrew Ng, Founder and CEO, Landing AI | Founder and CEO,, 2) Aicha Evans, CEO, Zoox, 3) Andrew Lo, The Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management | Director, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering, and 4) Ken Goldberg, Engineering Professor, UC Berkeley | Chief Scientist, Ambidextrous Robotics. This keynote also includes a conversation with Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO, Amazon. Keynote
M02-L - How TED Uses Artificial Intelligence to Spread Ideas Farther and Faster TED Talks are a powerful way to share ideas and spark dialogue. To make TED content accessible, volunteer translators need to subtitle more than 300,000 minutes of video this year alone. See how TED leverages Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate to speed up the creation of crowdsourced subtitles, expand the online reach of ideas, and transform subtitle production in media. Leadership Session Jennifer Zurawell Helena Batt Udi Hershkovich
M03 - Amazon Go: A Technology Deep Dive This technical session will outline the core technologies behind the custom-built Just Walk Out technology for Amazon Go. Learn about the algorithmic challenges in building a highly accurate customer-facing application using deep learning and computer vision, and the technical details of the high throughput services for Amazon Go that transfer gigabytes of video from stores to cloud systems. Breakout Session Ameet Vaswani Gerard Medioni
M04 - Rethinking Recommendations: From Collaborative Filtering to Deep Learning Recommendations can be thought of as a learning problem, but the domain is challenging since product selection is large and the relevant products change quickly. This session will outline how Amazon is disrupting recommendations with the latest deep learning research. Learn which aspects of deep learning are equally applicable to personalization. Breakout Session Ben Allison
M05 - Amazon Locker: Combining Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization to Improve Customer Experience Amazon Locker posed new challenges for Amazon. Soaring demand for deliveries and the variability in package dwell times represented a complex business problem and a novel application of yield management. Hear how Amazon developed a hybrid approach combining machine learning and mathematical optimization to dynamically manage locker capacity. Breakout Session Samyukta Sethuraman
M06 - When is My Shipment Arriving? Providing Dynamic ETAs for Amazon Logistics Deliveries In 2018, Amazon's Customer Delivery Experience team launched a new feature that provides customers with an ETA for shipments delivered by Amazon Logistics. ETAs are computed once the delivery driver departs from the delivery station using a machine-learning approach. Hear how the team enhanced the customer experience with accurate delivery estimates. Breakout Session Shashi Mittal
M07 - ERICA: How Amazon Uses Machine Learning to Mitigate Customer Risk ERICA is a machine-learning tool that helps Amazon identify products that could pose a potential safety risk to customers before they become customer-reported safety concerns. Learn how ERICA approaches these problems to yield a significantly higher product suppression rate than traditional reactive approaches. Breakout Session Wei Xiang Chance Kelch Fedor Zhdanov
M08 - How We Make Alexa Sound More Human-like Voice is central to the magic of Amazon Alexa. Customers embrace Alexa because interacting with her is simple, natural and engaging. In this talk, we will provide a glimpse into how customers have created engaging voice-based applications, how we're using state-of-the-art deep neural networks to make Alexa sound even more human-like, and factors that influece our voice-first strategy. Breakout Session Nikhil Sharma Andrew Breen
M09 - Accelerating Machine Learning Projects Cut down on development time for machine-learning projects with third-party algorithms and models in a secure environment using Amazon SageMaker. In this session, we'll talk through the sample case of a machine-learning developer who wants to use machine learning to automate the auto insurance accident claim process. Breakout Session Kanchan Waikar
M10 - Infor Coleman: Streamlining Enterprise ML Complexities AI and machine learning can help solve some of the toughest technical problems today. In this session, you’ll learn how AWS capabilities from AI services to Amazon SageMaker can help developers build intelligent applications and systems. Breakout Session Rick Rider Massimo Capoccia Urvashi Chowdhary
M11 - Predicting Weather to Save Energy Costs Learn how Kinect Energy Group uses advanced machine learning capabilities to predict electric spot prices for regional power markets using the Amazon SageMaker DeepAR time-series forecasting model, incorporating historical pricing and weather data to drive the machine learning models. Improved price predictions assist with increased trading volumes for forward pricing contracts. Breakout Session Richard Delisser Elena Ehrlich
M12 - Situational Design: Making the Shift to Alexa and Ambient Computing Bringing your experiences and your brand to new AI-based UIs like Alexa and ambient computing will require new techniques for your design team. In this session, we will expose the pitfalls of porting web and mobile experiences to new UIs, and discuss the design patterns that will enable you to delight your customers. Breakout Session Paul Cutsinger
M13 - Alexa Conversations: How Developers Can Build Natural, Extensible Voice Conversations Alexa dialogue technology allows you to build multi-turn conversations that sound natural to customers, and also allows you to be a part of broader customer experiences such as seeking a recommendation or planning a night out. This session will walk you through implementing Alexa dialogue technology to create rich conversational experiences. Breakout Session Josey Sandoval
M14 - Applying Machine Learning to Help Detect Financial Crime Regulators are encouraging financial institutions to experiment with machine learning to detect suspicious activity. In the U.S. and Europe, the cost of fighting financial crime surpasses $20 billion. In this presentation, we will outline ways financial institutions can leverage the power of machine learning to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of financial crime investigations, and help institutions manage risk. Breakout Session Filipe Scoton
M15 - Transforming the Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease with Machine Learning Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally and contributes trillions of dollars in healthcare costs worldwide. Heart disease is difficult to diagnose using noninvasive testing and millions of patients require invasive tests that are ultimately negative, incurring risk and cost. Using data from a standard cardiac CT scan, the noninvasive HeartFlow Analysis creates a personalized 3D model of the coronary arteries using deep learning methods and analyzes the impact that blockages have on blood flow. This session will discuss how HeartFlow uses the scalability and elasticity of the AWS cloud to help clinicians identify significant coronary artery disease and determine the optimal treatment pathway. Breakout Session Charles Taylor Roy Ben Alta
M16 - Building a Know-It-All System with Data + People + Machines iNaturalist is a citizen science project that leverages an online network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists to understand and track biodiversity. Learn how to build a similar system that can machine-learn skills through the interaction with human experts. This session will cover using training datasets to feed the system using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth. Breakout Session Scott Loarie Fedor Zhdanov
M17 - Using AWS to Bring Claims Lifecycle Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare Change Healthcare is using AWS to accelerate data sharing across all stakeholders in healthcare, with the goal of improving the U.S. healthcare system and lowering costs. Change Healthcare will discuss a wide array of data exchanges and how to be easily accessible to stakeholders. Breakout Session Adam Sullivan Dan Mbanga
M18 - Fighting Human Trafficking Using Machine Learning Thorn is a technology nonprofit dedicated to eliminating child sexual abuse material from the internet and to standing up to child traffickers. Using Amazon Rekognition, Thorn is building tools that help identify children faster. Breakout Session Julie Cordua Ranju Das
M20 - From Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence INVISTA is a manufacturer of chemicals, polymers, fabrics, and fibers and delivers products and brands incorporated into your clothing, your car, and even your carpet. Join this session to learn about INVISTA’s transformative journey from business intelligence to artificial intelligence, where they will share their experience empowering data science by adjusting talent and processes and building a modern analytics platform. Experimentation with change management, project management, model maintenance, and development lifecycles has helped drive profitable innovations. Breakout Session Elizabeth Gonzalez Caleb Wilkinson Douglas Bellin
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